BambuBuild's office, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

With the trend towards green architecture design and sustainable architecture, the bamboo is the inspiration of many architects, as well as material chosen by a lot of investors. Utilizing bamboo as a building material is the new policy of young people in the BambuBuild office. They have completed a great number of bamboo projects and bamboo is also the material used for making their mark in their own offices.

With the space of less than 50m², the BambuBuild office not only meets the demands of working of staffs but also is a special business card for guests to recognize the specificity of  company. The architects always try to create charm for bamboo when applying it to new projects.

The office was decorated with bamboo and furnished with bamboo furniture, from benches in the reception area to bar chairs and flower-pots.

By putting a new coat made of bamboo over the office and selecting bamboo for its development orientation,  BambuBuild has sent out a very clear message that it wants to make green buildings and build a better environment through increasing the use of natural materials and renewable materials and actively contributing to the future of green architecture.