Flamingo Pavilion – bamboo architecture was used many times

The Flamingo Pavilion is a very special bamboo architecture, because this stall was reused up to 3 times by BambuBuild. This is one of the most used bamboo architectures.

The first time

The pavilion was used the first time as Hà Nội Redtours booth at the Vietnam International Tourism Fair 2015. The client required BambuBuild’s architects to design the pavilion must be unique but must be assembled quickly, can be used many times because the time of fair was very short.

Flamingo Stall outside

Flamingo Pavilion outside

Flamingo Stall outside

Designed by Tran Ba Tiep architect

Architecture’s structure

This bamboo structure made from bamboo and iron is imaged wing with 6mx15m area. It was tested installation in Vinh Phuc, then dismantled and transported to Ha Noi. The workers only took 1 day to assemble in Viet Nam Exhibition Fair Center.

Kết cấu gian triển lãm Flamingo

The Pavilion’s structure

Kết cấu gian triển lãm Flamingo

The Pavilion’s structure

The second time

The Flamingo Pavilion was used the second time at the Exhibition of Tourism in Hai Phong city in 2015.

The third time

This structure was continued to use the third time as a pavilion after thatched the roof in Flamingo Resort Dai Lai in Vinh Phuc.         

Flamingo Stall at night

The architecture is remarkable at night

Althought it’s just the smal architecture, but with Flamingo Pavilion bamboo architecture, experts and architects at BambuBuild proved that if bamboo material is designed properly, it will be easy to reuse.