Why bamboo

Bamboo has become very familiar and close to the Vietnamese for a long time. Bamboo can be used for building houses, making daily items and agricultural tools or even making weapons to fight against foreign invaders.

Vietnamese people always long for their homeland whenever they are. What inculcated in the minds of those who have left their homeland is always the scene of a peaceful village with a bamboo cluster crunching in the wind in a mix with cradlesongs sung by their mothers on a creaking bamboo cradle. All of these have created a unique culture in which bamboo is the most prominent subject.

This culture has brought a very positive effect when applied to architecture and construction, especially in the general development trend of the green, eco-friendly architecture. Bamboo is a material with mechanical properties which are perfectly suitable for construction and superior to wood or several other materials. Bamboo, known as the “botanic steel”, is even superior to steel because it’s lighter than steel, 5 times more durable than concrete and eco-friendly thanks to its CO2 absorption which is 4 times better than wood.